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Who Are We

Creative Cake Art

Ready to become a, world class, cake ninja, without having to ever leave your couch…..Hellllss yea!

Looking to….
Grow your cake business and get your clients coming back for more; by adding that wow factor to your cake art, that will put you on par with the big boys of the industry?

Well, look no further….
Creative Cake Art is Your Online Guide to Mastering Professional Cake Design, for a reason, and we are covering all the bases. Let our Uber talented artists show you the tricks of the trade, with high quality cake decorating tutorials. Jammed packed with value, Creative Cake Art is fun, fresh, and informative.



Our mission is to create a multimedia, online, platform…..

Where people of all backgrounds can connect through cake… inspire, and teach one-another, the art of cake design; in a way that is fun, edgy, informative, and liberating.

It’s you, it’s me; making cakes, building businesses, living free!

That’s Creative Cake Art.



Say yes to your best cake self….

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