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with Sierra Taylor

Creative Cake Art


About the Video

Marilyn Monroe, one of the most iconic women in history. 

A Beauty, talented, curvacious, charismatic, tradgic, and inspirational……all at the same time. 

It is no wonder her face has been made into figurines, posters, pillows, mugs, shirts, jewelry; you name it. 

It’s only right that cake be on that list……so here is my version of the ever popular Marilyn Monroe Cake, using a fun bubble gum portrait I found on the net. 

In this tutorial you’ll learn

*The new and improved Candy Melting Technique

*How to Make Edible Gelatin Bubbles

*Wafer Paper Roses and how to mold you own fondant buttons

*Isomalt Jewels

and so much more… what are you waiting for

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Happy Caking!



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Creative Cake Art

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About Sierra Taylor

Sierra Taylor is a, largely, self taught cake decorator who, like many others, planned to attend culinary school, but soon realized, that uhhh she could not afford it(meh).

Fortunately, she did not let that derail her plans and found that through books, videos, and recreational classes she could teach herself the fine art of creating custom cakes.

Eventually, Sierra went on to intern for Food Network challenge winner, Michelle Bommarito. Followed by, a few years at the Holiday Market Bakery, in Michigan(best known for grooming amazing cake artists, such as, The Cake Girls, Mary and Brenda Maher)

Finally, she began her own, home based, cake decorating business, where she honed her skills, and began to develop, Creative Cake Art, Your Online Guide to Mastering Professional Cake Design!

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    […] This Marilyn Monroe cake.  […]

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    and where is marilyn monroe cake video tutorial

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