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After countless hours of soul searching you’ve come to the, awe inspiring, conclusion that YOU LOVE CAKE, Eureka……now what?

Well, if you know what’s good for you, Creative Cake Art, is what!

We are here to help you gain the skills and knowledge you are going to need, in order to become the cake extraordinaire you, already, are in your mind. If for no other reason, to avoid awkward questions and sideways glances from, otherwise, well meaning, relatives when you announce your epiphany regarding career paths.

How are we going to do this you ask…..easy!

Each week we will be providing you with amazing cake decorating videos and pictorials, to up those skills. You will learn everything, from the basics to advanced fondant and sugar art techniques.

Delicious crowd pleasing cake recipes; coming right up; the perfect mouthwatering buttercream recipe; absolutely. Because let’s face it, a fantastic looking cake that tastes like garbage, is a waste of everyone’s time. Beautiful fondant bows and life like gumpaste flowers, will top it all off, literally, actually. In addition, our paid online teaching series, Cake College, will show you how to decorate an incredibly realistic, sculpted shoe cake, in our very first release, “Shoe Freak”.

We are giving away years and years of, accumulated, cake art knowledge. Saving you a, tremendous, amount of time and money, in trial and error. And best of all, when your precious cake masterpiece is trying to ruin your life, like old Joe Clark, you can lean on us.

Every friday, FOR FREE… we are taking your most pressing and tedious cake fail questions, and turning them into precious and timely cake answers, on our #fixitfriday video blog. Not only will we be telling you the how, we will be showing you the deets on a real time, play by play, video. To make sure you get it exactly right, the second, if not the first, time around!

Make no mistake there, truly, is no substitute for practice, but, we, at Creative Cake Art can, and will be your experienced guides to realizing your full cake decorating potential and becoming your best cake self.

Wait is that a thing……we think yes!

We’ve included a, convenient, flow chart follow it, and get on the cake decorating good foot.